Brazilian Waxing Specialist

    The Brazilian is one of our most requested waxing services so you can rest assured we are very experienced with "first time" Brazilian customers. No need to worry if you've never tried it before. We know just how to make sure your first time waxing will be as comfortable an experience as possible. We strive in giving you the highest quality in service as well as a calm and comfortable surrounding. We do a very thorough job to make sure your results are satisfying.

    Be Careful of some salons who do not practice proper health code & sanitation laws.
    We at Everything For Skin strive to maintain the highest level of sanitary practice when performing any of our waxing, or skin care services. We always use a new applicator paddle "each dipping" to  ensure the quality and sanitation in our waxes are kept above and beyond the standard level of health code requirements. Our tables are covered in clean, soft towels and sanitary paper. Our instruments are always cleaned and sanitized before each and every use.
    Our salon represents a style of comfort, quality, and cleanliness. Call today and schedule a time to indulge yourself in quality skin care.